MANDIBULA 15-Ch Dental Coil,

Get ready for the future of dental imaging with our MANDIBULA 15-Ch Dental Coil!

Benefit from improved diagnostic possibilities thanks to high-resolution 3D MR imaging of the jaw, teeth, temporomandibular joint, nerves and more.

As a special advantage, you may offer your patients a safe, radiation-free examination. In particular, you enable a real alternative for children, pregnant women, cancer patients or those who prefer a healthy and clean lifestyle.

The positioning system of the MANDIBULA 15-Ch Dental Coil as well offers your patients excellent comfort.

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Features & Benefits

of the MANDIBULA 15-Ch Dental Coil

Features & Benefits

of the MANDIBULA 15-Ch Dental Coil

Adjustable mechanics

Easy positioning and adaption to each patient

Optional mirror attachable

Provides more comfort for claustrophobic patients

High-resolution dental imaging

Excellent image quality and homogeneity thanks to dedicated coil concept

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