LUCY OR Head Holder & 8-Ch Coil

Dedicated precision for neurosurgery
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General Information

Our neurosurgery solution LUCY OR Head Holder & 8-Ch Coil optimally combines the functions of a head holder with those of an MRI receiver coil: In addition to securely fixing the skull during the intervention, it offers you intra-operative imaging with outstanding image quality and homogeneity.

Thanks to the radiolucent material, you can also use the LUCY OR Head Holder without the coils for intraoperative X-ray and CT imaging as well as angiography.

In addition to tumor resections, "deep brain stimulation" (DBS) and minimally invasive pituitary gland operations, the system also supports awake craniotomy.

  • Brain biopsy
  • Neurosurgery
  • Awake craniotomy
  • Pediatric applications

Approved product name:

OR Head Holder LUCY with HeadCoilSet

Scanner compatibility:​

Siemens MAGNETOM Aera 1,5T; Solar 1,5T; Solar fit 1,5T; Skyra 3T; Vida 3T; Vida fit 3

Philips INGENIA 1,5T; Ambition 1,5T; 3T; Elite 3T

We are constantly working on compatibility solutions for other MRI scanners and manufacturers. Feel free to contact us at any time, if you have questions regarding the compatibility of our LUCY OR Head Holder & 8-Ch Coil with your scanner or about available software versions.


CE, FDA; for further approvals contact us


8 (2×4)

Field of view (max.):

30 cm x 25 cm x 22 cm


Head holder 4-5 kg ​​(depending on configuration); OR head coil set 3,8 kg


Width: 47 cm Height: 36 cm Depth: 56 cm or 83 cm (depending on configuration)

OR table compatibility:

Maquet, Mizuho, ​​Trumpf

Navigation system compatibility:

Brainlab, Medtronic

Transferboard compatibility:

Maquet 1180.71C0; 1180.71B0; 1180.71A0

Mizuho MST-7300BX-MRI MG-T system

Trumpf 10850510

Universal bow set LUCY

GREENBERG™ retractor adapter

LEYLA retractor base

VarioGuide™ adapter

Pediatric set

Navigation system adapter for Brainlab and Medtronic


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Here comes a study if necessary

Features & Benefits

of the LUCY OR Head Holder & 8-Ch Coil

Features & Benefits

of the LUCY OR Head Holder & 8-Ch Coil

Dedicated sterile concept

No need to sterilize coils or cables thanks to the innovative sterile concept

Brainlab AIR support

Enables automatic image registration for a quick and easy workflow

Collision check with bore gauge

Ensures collision-free transport of the patient into the MRI

Integrated force indicator

Allows precise tension control before and during the procedure

Detachable and height-adjustable lower coil element

Allows excellent access to the region of interest

Variable setup adjustment

Excellent access to the intervention area with flexible and comfortable positioning of the patient

High-resolution imaging

Excellent image quality and homogeneity thanks to dedicated coil concept