BI 4-Ch Breast Biopsy Coil

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General Information

Our BI 4-Ch Breast Biopsy Coil is an innovative MRI solution - specifically designed for Siemens and optimized for breast biopsy. With its high-resolution image quality, however, it can also serve you excellently for breast diagnosis.

It is characterized by its light, open and ergonomic design and can be quickly prepared for use. This not only saves you and your team valuable time, but also provides very comfortable positioning for your patients.

In order to give you as much flexibility as possible during the biopsy, the BI 4-Ch Breast Biopsy coil allows you lateral, medial and cranio-caudal access to the breast. Both the post & pillar method and the grid biopsy can be used, so you benefit from high accuracy, precise angulation and multiple access points.

The fixation of the breasts works cranio-caudal, which reduces scan time and motion artifacts in axial slices. Thanks to high-resolution imaging, you always get an excellent image quality with high homogeneity, including illumination of the axilla.

The breast biopsy 4-channel coil BI 320-PA-SI is available as Siemens OEM product under the name "4-channel BI Breast Coil". The patient rest can also be used for diagnostic imaging with the optional Siemens 16-channel coil

The BI 4-Ch Breast Biopsy Coil in this form is only available from Siemens. Please contact your Siemens representative for more information.

  • Breast biopsy
  • Breast diagnosis

Approved product name:


Field strength:​

1,5T / 3T

Scanner compatibility:​

The NORAS BI 4-Ch Breast Biopsy Coil is only compatible with the common Siemens systems.

If you have questions regarding the compatibility of the BI 4-Ch Breast Biopsy Coil with your scanner, feel free to contact us at any time or get more information from your Siemens representative.


CE, FDA; further approvals available via Siemens



Cable length:

125 cm


approx. 7 kg


88 cm x 47 cm x 21 cm

Cranio-caudal fixation unit CC-320-PLUS
Suitcase with 2 units

Breast biopsy set Grid
Disposable, suitcase starter set

Grid biopsy unit 
Disposable, sterile for lateral & medial, height adjustable, pack of 5

Grid needle blocks
Disposable, sterile in 18G, 16G, 14G, 12G

Breast biopsy set Post & Pillar
Suitcase starter set

Vacuum punch adapter set
Autoclavable for Suros ATEC, SenoRX EnCor 10G, SenoRX EnCor 7G, Bard Vacora

Needle guide sleeves
Disposable, sterile in 18G, 16G, 14G, 12G


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Features & Benefits

of the BI 4-Ch Breast Biopsy Coil

Features & Benefits

of the BI 4-Ch Breast Biopsy Coil

Fast, easy and light (7 kg) exam setup

Time-saving and ergonomic setup for all users

Lateral, medial and cranio-caudal biopsy access

High variability for biopsy access

Post & Pillar and/or Grid biopsy method

Simplified workflow with high accuracy, angulation and multiple access points

Cranio-caudal fixation of the breasts

Using axial slices, cranio-caudal fixation reduces scan time and motion artifacts

High-resolution imaging

Excellent image quality with high homogeneity and illumination of the axilla