The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is increasingly used for diagnostic imaging of children. Due to nonexistent exposure by ionizing radiation as well as good long-term tolerance based on current information, this noninvasive method is suitable for various medical issues.


In the past few years, MRI has not only been used for diagnostic applications but is also being used as a method to perform interventions. An example is the iMRI Neurosurgery Solution from NORAS. The NORAS OR Head Holder ensures secure immobilization of the patient´s head during surgical intervention and serves as fixation mount for the 8-channel head array coils. It is also suitable for application in pediatrics thanks to a specially developed One-Point-Fixation that measures pinning force utilizing a MR-compatible ceramic spring.

MRI examinations place several demands on the patient. To perform a successful MRI examination, it is necessary that the patient does not move for some time (30-60 minutes). For children, the confining bore of the MRI scanner and the loud noises during the exam can be unsettling. For that reason, it is very important to provide fast, easy and secure preparation for the comfort of children.

Our specially designed positioning aids, in combination with our Variety 16-Channel Multipurpose Coil, provide comfortable and safe positioning for pediatric imaging. These soft, smooth and flexible coils conform to the body for easy patient set-up and excellent image quality. The lightweight coil is very suitable for abdominal, spine and thorax imaging of infants. The open window coil design facilitates positioning, improves airflow and provides access for easy attachment of monitoring sensors such as ECG and breath control.