Discontinuation of Products

Dear customers and sales partners,
with immediate effect, the following products of our product portfolio will be discontinued.

Product Ref.No. Parts/ repairs until:
Cranio-caudal fixation unit CC-OBC 114955 01.09.2024
Cranio-caudal fixation unit CC-320-PH 111905 01.09.2024
NORAS Reusable Cubes für BI160 diverse 01.09.2024
PA-320 Version 2 Philips 117362 01.09.2024
CPC 8-Channel Multipurpose Coil 1.5T 113471 01.09.2024
CPC 8-Channel Multipurpose Coil 3T 113495 01.09.2024
Endocavity 2-Channel Coil 1.5T Siemens 114470 01.09.2024
Endocavity 2-Channel Coil 1.5T Siemens 114467 01.09.2024
Elbow 8-Channel Coil 1.5T 111925 01.09.2024
NORAS OR Head Holder Trumpf Shell “Heidberg” 113056 01.12.2024
NORAS OR Head Holder Maquet Shell “Heidberg” 113066 01.12.2024
Cranio-caudal fixation unit CC-BBC 115031 01.09.2024

Please note that we can no longer guarantee stock availability. We can guarantee spare parts/ repairs for your products in operation until the deadline mentioned above.

The disposal of your old devises may not be carried out by the normal domestic waste – of course, you can send them to NORAS MRI products for raw material recycling.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We thank you for your trust in us and our products and looking forward to future collaborations.