In orthopedics, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is well-established as one of the most important imaging methods. Historically MRI has only been used if ultrasound or projection radiography had not shown anything unusual. Currently, however, MRI is used as the primary method to perform examinations of the musculoskeletal system, particularly in the field of sports medicine.[1]

The advantages of MRI are strong tissue contrast as well as the ability to view anatomy in multiple imaging planes. These attributes, when used in orthopedics, allow for visualization of cartilage, sinews, ligaments and muscle. These structures are visualized to properly diagnose the vast majority of orthopedic issues.

The majority of MR coils that are used are only suitable for one imaging application, e.g. a coil to examine the shoulder. While designed to image the majority of patients, these coils are hard-shell, not flexible, and therefore not optimal for all body sizes. This can lead to poor image quality, particularly if patient’s anatomy is either too small, too large or cannot be positioned properly in the coil. With large patients, their anatomy may not fit into the coil and may prevent the patient from being scanned.

To provide for more optimal imaging and to alleviate the need for many dedicated coils in imaging centers, NORAS MRI products offers a high quality, high resolution, small FOV user-oriented solution. In our latest development, the 16-Channel Variety Flex Coil provides multiple imaging applications, enabling high-resolution MR orthopedic imaging with just one coil.

Thanks to its high flexibility, our Variety 16-Channel Multipurpose Coil is very suitable for MR exams of challenging anatomic and positioning regions. Each half of the coil is based on an 8 channel array that provides deep tissue visualization, with large enough FOV to cover the anatomy of interest.

To perform a successful MRI examination, the patient has to be positioned quickly, easily, comfortably, safely and securely. This is accomplished using our specially designed positioning aids which can be provided to meet the specific needs of your imaging center. The flexible nature of the Variety coil can be used effectively to perform motion studies and real-time imaging.

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