As early as 2005, Noras MRI products GmbH presented the first MR compatible head holder with receiving coils and was thus the pioneer in the field of intraoperative MRI imaging in the field of neurosurgery. With the innovative head holder NORAS was able to quickly establish a leading position in neurosurgery solutions.

Based on a creative and respectful cooperation with leading neurosurgeons from Germany, Switzerland, the US and Canada NORAS has created the improved head holders FLEXIBILITY and HEIDBERG in 2013.

The head holder HEIDBERG became a strong alternative to older versions of NORAS head holders. Both head holder systems convince besides excellent image quality with a unique sterile concept and an optimized workflow. The significant developments are based on requirements, ideas and challenges that leading neurosurgeons experience in their everyday work.

The increased reliability and high availability of the Head Holders FLEXIBILITY and HEIDBERG are proven in e.g. yearly more than 200 successfully completed cases in Europe using these advanced systems for MR-based neurosurgery.

Worldwide locations of the Noras OR Head Holder

Thanks to ongoing enhancements and innovations, NORAS belongs to the drivers of intraoperative MR imaging. This was proven again in 2018: The new LUCY head holder combines the outstanding attributes of years of experience in the field of MRI with new applications thanks to its CT compatibility.

With constant innovation and new developments the NORAS MRI products Ltd is a reliable partner for MR-supported neurosurgery.