OR Head Holder FLEXIBILITY & OR Head Coil 1.5T / 3T

Established neurosurgery solution for intraoperative MRI

The NORAS OR Head Holder FLEXIBILITY ensures safe immobilization of the head during an open skull surgery while also supporting the NORAS OR head coil system, already convinced with its excellent image quality.

The NORAS OR Head Holder FLEXIBILITY has been designed as a three-point fixation in the lateral plane. Furthermore, the surgeon has the option of using up to seven fixation points.

FLEXIBILITY can be adjusted in height and moved along the head-foot axis, greatly facilitating patient positioning on the OR table. The NORAS head holder system allows the adaptation to the head size of the patient. For optimum access to the area of intervention, the head frame can be tilted, swiveled and rotated.

The NORAS OR Head Holder FLEXIBILITY allows supine, prone, lateral positioning of the patient and is suitable for deep brain stimulation (DBS), minimally invasive pituitary surgery and awake craniotomies.

The Head Holder FLEXIBILITY is compatible with various surgical instruments.

Thanks to a unique sterile concept, neither cables nor coils need to be sterilized!

NORAS OR Head Holder FLEXIBILITY & Head Coil Set 1.5T for SIEMENS Scanner P/N: 114785
NORAS OR Head Holder FLEXIBILITY & Head Coil Set 3T for SIEMENS Scanner P/N: 114786
NORAS OR Head Holder FLEXIBILITY & Head Coil Set 1.5T for PHILIPS Scanner P/N: 114501
NORAS OR Head Holder FLEXIBILITY & Head Coil Set 3T for PHILIPS Scanner P/N: 114502


Advantages of the OR Head Holder FLEXIBILITY

  • Excellent image quality and homogeneity (NORAS own coil concept)
  • Removable lower coil
  • 3- to 7-point fixation is possible
  • Attachable clamping device with force indicator from 0 to 400N
  • Flexible and comfortable patient positioning
  • Excellent access to the field of intervention
  • The head frame can be swiveled, rotated and tilted
  • Possibility to adjust the height of the Head Holder
  • Possibility to move the entire system along the head-foot axis
  • Suitable for awake craniotomies, DBS, minimally invasive pituitary surgery
  • Suitable for application in pediatrics
  • Pediatric One-Point Fixation with integrated force indicator from 0 to 60N
  • Unique sterile concept: no need to sterilize the coil and cables
  • Extended application through the use of optional accessories
  • Compatibility with various operating tools
  • Brainlab AIR Support

Technical Specifications

Recieving channels: 8 (2x4)
Field of View (max.): 30 cm x 25 cm x 22 cm
Weight: 10.7 kg
Size: 80 cm x 48 cm x 36 cm
Shipping Weight: ca. 70 kg
Packing Dimensions: Flight Case à 120 cm x 60 cm x 90 cm
Approval for Siemens: Please request
Approval for Philips: Please request
OR table compatibility: Maquet OR table MAGNUS/ Alphamaquet Plus/ Trumpf OR table TruSystem 7500
Navigation system compatibility: Brainlab, Medtronic
Scanner Compatibility: The OR Head Holder Flexibility and Head Coil from NORAS MRI products is compatible to the Siemens MR Systems Magnetom Aera 1,5T / Magnetom Skyra 3T / Magnetom Vida 3T & Vida fit 1,5T / Magnetom Sola 3T & Sola fit, as well as to the Philips MR System Ingenia. NORAS is currently working on solutions compatible also to other manufacturers of MR scanners. Kindly contact us in case you have any questions regarding the compatibility of the NORAS OR Head Holder Flexibility and Head Coil for your scanner.

Technical changes reserved.

Optional Components

All Purpose Arch

P/N: 113220

universalbogen_500x500The All Purpose Arch can be attached in different angles to the toothing of the clamps in head-foot direction.
If mounted in foot direction, the scalp can be sewed onto the arch or mounted with rubber bands or hooks. If mounted in the front, the arch serves as a hand rest. Additionally GREENBERG™ retractors can be mounted onto the arch by using various GREENBERG™ retractors.

Consists of:
2x 113393 All Purpose Arch
4x 113397 All Purpose Arch Adapter
8x 112390 Multipurpose Screw

GREENBERG™ Retractor Adapter

P/N: 114295

greenberg_500x500This additional adapter can be attached to the All Purpose Arch and serves as an adapter of several GREENBERG™ and Budde® Halo retractors. It can be flexibly mounted on the All Purpose Arch.

LEYLA Retractor Socket

P/N: 113243

leyla_500x500The socket serves as mount of the various LEYLA® Retractors. The top part can be rotated horizontally in various angles. The bottom part is inserted into the dove tail of the Clamps (p/n 11937) or of the GREENBERG™ Retractor Adapter and locked tightly.

Pediatric Set

P/N: 114804

paed_set_500x500The Pediatric Set has been developed in order to fulfill the requirements of pediatric demands. It includes a vacuum cushion, which effectively supports the child's head.
Another component is a fixation force gauge with a hysteresis free ceramic spring, which provides accuracy between 0N to 60N. A set of 6 titanium pins with small tips is included.

Consists of:
1x 117631 One Point Fixation, Pediatric
6x 117329 Skull Pin with small tip
1x 114128 Adjustment Nut
1x 113468 Vacuum Mattress Head
1x 113465 Aluminium Hand Pump
1x 117570 Special Strainer Basket for small parts

VarioGuide™ Adapter

P/N: 111815

Varioguide_500x472 With this adapter, the BrainLab VarioGuide™ Biopsy Arm can be mounted on the left or right side of the Head Holder.

Multifunctional Bar System

P/N: 113217

multi_bar_system_500x500Through the modular setup of toothed joint parts and bars, the bar system can be adjusted ideally. GREENBERG™ retractors can be mounted onto the bars and Budde® Halo retractors can be clamped onto the joint parts. The ending of the joint parts is composed of a LEYLA Retractor Socket, which can be turned and locked vertically in various angles.

Consists of:
1x 112724 Rod, long
2x 112722 Rod, short
6x 112711 Clamp Forceps, toothed
4x 112390 Multipurpose Screw
2x 112737 LEYLA Disk