BI 6 Comfort

Advanced Flexibility and High-Resolution Imaging

The NORAS BI 6 Comfort Coil is designed as an innovative solution to flexibly adapt to the requirements in your practice workflow.

The height-adjustable coil frame includes a 6-channel "phased array" with a high element density for high-resolution imaging. With wide lateral and medial biopsy access, the BI 6 Comfort coil gives you the flexibility to perform in a patient-centered manner.

Designed for an optimized workflow and tailored to the patient‘s needs.


  • Diagnostic imaging of the female breast
  • Collection of MR-guided tissue samples

Scanner Compatibility

    MAGNETOM Aera 1,5T, MAGNETOM Altea 1,5T, MAGNETOM Sola 1,5T, MAGNETOM Sola fit 1,5T
    MAGNETOM Vida 3T, MAGNETOM Vida fit 3T Magnetom Lumina 3T

Advanced flexibility – your advantages

  • Increased comfort due to more padded patient supportand dedicated height-adjustable forehead support
  • Adaptation to breast volume due to height-adjustable positioning of the patient
  • Cranio-caudal fixation of the breasts for optimized diagnostic imaging
  • High-resolution image quality with high homogeneity
  • Very good illumination of the axilla
  • Integrated LED light system provides an optimally illuminated working environment to support your biopsy workflow
  • Flexible and wide access for breast biopsy
  • Compatible with the established biopsy units from NORAS. TYou have the options to choose between the Post&Pillar method and the Grid System

Technical Specifications

Field Strength: 1.5T & 3T
Channels: 6
Weight: ca. 14 kg
Shipping Weight: n/a
Cable Length: n/a
Size: 1,18 m x 0,56 m x 0,16 m
Approval: CE

Technical changes reserved.

Additional components for breast biopsy

For flexible breast biopsy design with the BI 6 Comfort, we offer additional components.

  • Breast Biopsy Kit
  • Breast Biopsy Kit


    The Breast Biopsy Kit consists of a steam sterilizable fixation unit including a Post & Pillar positioning unit. Part of the biopsy kit is a 12G non-sterile training needle including Post & Pillar needle guide sleeve.

    For the Grid version, the kit additionally includes two training grids (medial/cranio-caudal and lateral) as well as one Grid needle block.

    The sterile pieces* that are necessary for the biopsies are not part of the delivery content but can be ordered separately.

    An individual biopsy package including consulting can only be assorted via NORAS MRI products.

    All original components are exclusively available through NORAS MRI products or through authorized resellers.

    *distributed by NORAS

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