Biopsy Unit for BI 320

Our Biopsy Units are compatible with all NORAS Breast Biopsy Coils and NORAS Patient Rests and serve for fixation of the breast as well as for MR-supported biopsies.

Throughout our system, you can assemble your biopsy units according to your desires.

The following biopsy methods are available:

  • Post & Pillar
  • Grid

There are 3 different sets available. The Sets consist of superior plastics (PEEK) and can be used for all traditional sterilization processes (autoclavable). The height-adjustable Post & Pillar and Grid Biopsy Units can be build cost effectively and can always be extended upon request.

Breast Biopsy Set Post&Pillar: autoclavable and reusable P/N: 118941
Breast Biopsy Set Grid disposable: autoclavable and reusable;
with disposable grids in sterile packaging*
P/N: 118943
Breast Biopsy Set Grid reusable: autoclavable and reusable P/N: 118944
*distributed by NORAS

The Biopsy Unit for BI 320 has the following approvals:

  • CE (Europe)
  • FDA (USA)
  • CMDCAS (Canada)
  • ANVISA (Brazil)
  • ARTG (Australia)
  • CFDA (Saudi Arabia)

Advantages of the Modular Biopsy Units for BI 320

  • Assembly and extension upon request
  • Lateral, medial and cranio-caudal access to the breast
  • Cost reduction by targeted combination of accessories
  • Eco-friendly and cost-oriented modular system
  • Option to purchase reusable (autoclavable) or disposable* (sterile) accessories
*distributed by NORAS

Advantages of the Post & Pillar Biopsy System

  • Higher accuracy compared to the Grid Biopsy System
  • Angulation is possible

Advantages of the Grid Biopsy System

  • Perform several biopsies or wire placements at various lesions in one step

Biopsy Methods

NORAS offers two different biopsy methods that both have individual advantages. Both methods can be used together with all NORAS BI 320 breast biopsy coils and patient rests for immobilization, wire placements and MR guided biopsy. Our systems all provide height adjustable biopsy units with wide access to the breast from lateral, medial and cranio-caudal side and can be rotated by 360° in 15° increments. (Please note that this rotation radius does not apply if the Siemens syngo® software is in use).

The Post and Pillar Method

post&pillar With our Post&Pillar Biopsy System you can perform exact biopsies with a higher accuracy compared to the grid method. Angulation is possible by adjusting the needle sleeve by 15° or 30° towards posterior or anterior. Biopsies can be performed using either reusable (autoclavable) or disposable* (sterile) Post&Pillar needle guide sleeves. Height-adjustable horizontal slat plates can be used to fixate the breast.

*distributed by NORAS

The Grid Method

The Grid Biopsy System allows multiple biopsy access points within a single procedure.
Thus, several biopsies or wire placements can be performed at various lesions in one step. Grid needle blocks can be freely positioned in the grid to ensure needle guidance. The grids and cubes are available as reusable (autoclavable) or disposable* (sterile) accessories. Height-adjustable horizontal slat plates as well as disposable or reusable grids can be used to fixate the breast.

*distributed by NORAS


Optional Components for the Post & Pillar and the Grid Biopsy System

BE_for_BI320_accs_500x500Throughout our modular system, you can assemble your biopsy units according to your desires.

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Adapter for Vacuum Guns

For our Biopsy Units we offer a large amount of adapters for the traditional vacuum guns. The various adapters are available for the Post & Pillar as well as for the Grid Biopsy System.

Upon request, we can also manufacture suitable adapters for your system.

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Post & Pillar Biopsy System

Grid Biopsy System reusable

Grid Biopsy System disposable