Medtech company Noras MRI Products receives MDR certificate

June 2020

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Opening ceremony of the new intraoperative MRI site in Dresden (Germany) with the new head holder LUCY

August 2018

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Press information Heart Center Goettingen

December 2016

Children’s heart clinic of the University Medical Center Göttingen says “Thank You!”.
The donation project “Baby-Coil” has been successfully completed.

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Company report published by “Main-Post”

July 2016

Noras MRI products: There was initially the question: Why is the spine coil tound, when a spinal column is still straight? Hubert Noras invented an alternative. And nowadays he researches on investigation methods of brain diseases…

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Excerpt of Advancer Newsletter

January 2011

Ceramic spring guarantees a secure hold. Ceramic materials are essential parts of advanced medical technology. Many applications, such as accessories for magnetic resonance imaging can be realized only through their help. In Hoechberg, nearby Wuerzburg / Germany, NORAS MRI products GmbH produces various types of coils and accessories for MRI. Here, the activities range from development and prototyping…

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Company report published by “Radiologieforum Magazine”

January 2011

Almost all major MR manufacturers are customers of Hubert Noras in Lower Franconia Hoechberg near Wuerzburg. Within 25 years the company for X-ray technology and medical technology came to be NORAS MRI products GmbH. In 1985 the qualified car electrician developed an oval movable spine coil, adapted to the body shape…

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Abstract about study with NORAS 8 Ch CPC

Research on neurodegenerative disorders is increasingly important in an aging population. Therefore, noninvasive detection of local changes in cerebral volume which can be accomplished by MRI, is in focus of clinical investigations. Animal models are playing a pivotal role in geriatric research, but many labs do not have access to dedicated animal MRI scanners. In this study we show that deformation based morphometry of the rat brain can be achieved with…

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