Based on a creative and respectful cooperation with leading neurosurgeons from Germany, Switzerland, the US and Canada the NORAS MRI products GmbH is in a leading position with innovative product development for demanding medical applications.

The iMRI Neurosurgery Solution FLEXIBILITY for new installations and the Upgrade Kit HEIDBERG for existing customers are convincing in the market because of their coherent technical concept, which integrates the areas of high-resolution MR imaging and of a barrier-free access to the surgical area of the patient with a high flexibility in patient positioning and with the specific demands of a sterile set-up in an OR environment.

Developed in close cooperation with Prof. Paul Kremer of the Klinikum Nord in Germany, the Head Holder HEIDBERG became a strong alternative to all older versions of NORAS Head Holders. Also, the newly developed Head Holder FLEXIBILITY is based on requirements, ideas and challenges that leading neurosurgeons experience in their everyday work.

Worldwide locations of the Noras OR Head Holder

Since 2013 the new Neurosurgery Solutions from NORAS are applied worldwide. The increased reliability and high availability of the Head Holders FLEXIBILITY and HEIDBERG are proven in e.g. yearly more than 200 successfully completed cases in Europe using these advanced systems for MR-based neurosurgery.

A further sign of strong innovation and of consistent application of high-tech materials and processes is the application of ceramic components in the MR environment, in which the use of metallic and magnetic parts is very limited. This way, a new Pediatric One-Point Fixation was developed in a close research and development cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. This device continuously displays the applied pinning force and enables the surgeon to focus on the progress of the surgical procedure rather than repeatedly re-checking the head fixation.

The availability of modern Neurosurgery Solutions from NORAS has strongly facilitated the rapid development of intra-operative applications of MR-based tomography.[1]

The tight integration between head fixation, MR imaging and reliable interfaces to neuro-navigation systems have lead to an improvement of patient outcome, which is also confirmed by leading pediatric neurosurgeons. [2]

With constant improvements and new developments the NORAS MRI products GmbH is a reliable Partner for MR-supported neurosurgery.

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