Endocavity 2-Channel Coil

Our newly developed patient friendly Endocavity 2-Channel Coil allows quadrature coil performance for the examination of the internal and external anal sphincter, vaginal wall or cervix.

The areas of application of the Endocavity 2-Channel Coil include:

  • Evaluation of the location of the internal opening, primary and any secondary tracts and abscesses
  • Determination of the presence of fistula
  • Classification of fistula
  • Evaluation of sphincter damages
Endocavity 2-Channel Coil 1.5T for SIEMENS Scanner P/N: on request
Endocavity 2-Channel Coil 3T for SIEMENS Scanner P/N: on request

The Endocavity 2-Channel Coil is not a coil for prostate examinations.

Advantages of the Endocavity 2-Channel Coil in Diagnostic Imaging

  • Higher field homogeneity and possible SNR in comparison to the classical single loop endoanal coil in field
  • Better image quality in comparison to a pelvis array coil

Technical Specifications

Field Strength: 1.5T, 3T
Channels: 2
Weight: 1.5 kg
Shipping Weight: 2.5 kg
Cable Length: 125 cm
Diameter: 17 mm
Penetration depth: 95 mm
Approval: CE
Scanner Compatibility: The Endocavity 2-Channel Coil from NORAS is compatible as a ‘customer coil’ to all Siemens MR Systems (excluding the Magnetom Essenza). NORAS is currently working on compatible solutions for other manufacturers of MR-scanners. Kindly contact us in case you have any questions regarding the compatibility of the NORAS Endocavity 2-Channel Coil for your scanner.

Technical changes reserved.

MR-Images Endocavity 2-Channel Coil

Clinical Cases

Anal sphincter