Elbow 8-Channel Coil

The Elbow 8-Channel Coil has been developed by NORAS for optimized MR-based investigation of the elbow. The special construction as a closed volume array allows for a significantly higher signal quality and a more homogeneous illumination as compared to standard flex coils. The very high soft tissue contrast provided by MRI technology enables the diagnosis of traumatic, inflammatory and tumoral diseases of the elbow joint.

The areas of application of the Elbow 8-Channel Coil include:

  • Diagnosis of structural changes in the elbow joint, in muscle tissue and tendons
  • Evaluation of osteonecrosis, of tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow and Panner’s disease
  • Identification of traumatic states of the elbow such as biceps tendon rupture and traumatic elbow luxation
Elbow 8-Channel Coil 1.5T for SIEMENS Scanner P/N: 111925
Elbow 8-Channel Coil 3T for SIEMENS Scanner P/N: on request

Advantages of the Elbow 8-Channel Coil in Diagnostic Imaging

The optimized coil design results in:

  • A high signal quality based on eight coil elements, which are aligned in a ring-shaped fashion as one single volume array
  • A high signal homogeneity for the whole elbow based on the symmetrical construction of the volume array
  • An investigation of the complete elbow area with high resolution images
  • Application for diagnostics of the elbow, especially in cases when traditional methods of examination cannot provide sufficient information
  • Reduced scan time with higher image quality as compared to the application of standard flex coils

Technical Specifications

Field Strength: 1.5T, 3T
Channels: 8
Weight: 2.7 kg
Shipping Weight: 4 kg
Cable Length: 76 cm
Size: 27 cm x 15 cm x 19 cm
Diameter: 12 cm
Approval: CE
Scanner Compatibility: The Elbow 8-Channel Coil from NORAS is compatible as a "customer coil" to all Siemens MR Systems (excluding the Magnetom Essenza). NORAS is currently working on compatible solutions for other manufacturers of MR-scanners. Kindly contact us in case you have any questions regarding the compatibility of the NORAS Elbow 8-Channel Coil for your scanner.

MR-Images NORAS Elbow 8-Channel Coil