Dental 4-Channel Coil

The dental medicine is a rather young area of application for MR-based imaging. The until recently predominant 2-dimensional X-ray imaging provides in many cases insufficient information on the exact tooth-position and is connected to a radiation exposure for the patient. Through the use of the dedicated Dental 4-Channel Coil by NORAS the dentist and oral surgeon gets access to detailed information and high-resolution images of the actual position of the teeth. With repeated MR imaging the success of an intervention or of a treatment can be monitored directly.

Additional application areas for the Dental 4-Channel Coil are:

  • Implantology for imaging of nerves (foramen mentale) and for evaluation of bone density (Compacta, Spongiosa)
  • Forensics for estimation of a person’s age based on evaluation of the wisdom teeth
  • Imaging method for search of tumorous tissue
Dental 4-Channel Coil 1T for PHILIPS Scanner P/N: 113628
Dental 4-Channel Coil 1.5T for SIEMENS Scanner P/N: 113627
Dental 4-Channel Coil 3T for SIEMENS Scanner P/N: 113629

Advantages of the Dental 4-Channel Coil in MR-Diagnostics

The optimized design of the coil allows for:

  • High signal quality based on small-sized array elements with direct fitting of the element position to the special anatomy of the dental area
  • High resolution examination of the entire jaw area
  • Applications for diagnostics in maxillofacial surgery
  • Reduced scan times with higher image quality as compared to standard coils, which is especially useful for examination of children

Technical Specifications

Field Strength: 1T, 1.5T, 3T
Channels: 4
Weight : 0.8 kg
Shipping Weight: 2 kg
Cable Length: 99 cm
Size: 15 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
Approval: CE
Scanner Compatibility: The Dental 4-Channel Coil from NORAS is compatible as a ‘customer coil’ to all Siemens MR Systems (excluding the Magnetom Essenza). NORAS is currently working on compatible solutions for other manufacturers of MR-scanners. Kindly contact us in case you have any questions regarding the compatibility of the NORAS Dental 4-Channel Coil for your scanner.

MR-images NORAS Dental 4-Channel Coil