CPC 8-Channel Multipurpose Coil

The CPC 8-Channel Multipurpose Coil enables generating high definition pictures of many body regions. Therefore, this coil can replace many conventional coils.

The coil serves to image smaller regions: Extremities, joints, as well as skull, jaw joint and carotids can be examined. Thanks to our special positioning devices, the coil can be used
for pediatrics or motion studies in orthopedics.

CPC 8-Channel Multipurpose Coil 1.5T for SIEMENS Scanner P/N: 113471
CPC 8-Channel Multipurpose Coil 3T for SIEMENS Scanner P/N: 113495

NEW – Y-cable model

y_kabel_cpc_500x316In order to satisfy demands from our customers for a very flexible design of the MR measurement set-up for the patient, we at NORAS developed a special
Y-junction box for the CPC 8-Channel Multipurpose Coil. This new concept efficiently supports uni-lateral examinations.

Through the use of our Y-junction box both coil halves are now connected to just one plug position in the scanner.

CPC 8Ch Multipurpose Coil 1.5T, Y-cable P/N: on request
CPC 8Ch Multipurpose Coil 3T, Y-cable P/N: on request

Advantages of the CPC 8-Ch Multipurpose Coil for Diagnostic Imaging

The optimized coil element size and positioning result in:

  • High signal gain based on small-sized coil elements (diameter of only 5 cm) with minimum separation between the receive loops
  • Exceptional high resolution of small body regions with reduced scan duration
  • Application for diagnostics in orthopedics, in pediatrics and in veterinary medicine
  • Parallel Imaging and double-sided comparison of symmetrical organs, such as ears and eyes

The special design of the coil fixations enables:

  • Free positioning of the coil halves in three dimensions, which simplifies examination of patients with reduced mobility, e.g. rheumatic patients
  • Flexible imaging of joints in bent or stretched position
  • Improved positioning and fixation of joints due to solid coil housing
  • Provision of movement studies for joints with different bending angles
  • Application of special foam-based positioning units for fixation of coils in accordance with requirements of the MR-personnel
  • Use of a special flex-clamp in connection with vacuum positioning mats for immobilization of the body part under investigation

Technical Specifications

Field Strength: 1.5T, 3T
Channels: 8 (2x4)
Penetration of tissue: 13 cm
Weight: 18 kg
Shipping Weight: 11 kg
Cable Length: 80 cm
Size: ca. 40 cm x 35 cm x 30 cm
Approval: CE / FDA / CMDCAS
Scanner-Compatibility: The CPC 8-Channel Multipurpose Coil is compatible with most Siemens MR-scanners. Under software version VB19, the CPC coil can be combined with other coils from Siemens. This way, the Spine-coil can remain in the scanner table. Furthermore, other Siemens flex-coils can be combined with the CPC 8-Channel Multipurpose Coil for increasing the examination area and, thus, better orientation in the patient’s anatomy.


NORAS Vacuum Immobilization Mats


vakuum_standard_300x160 Various Vacuum Immobilization Mats, used for stable immobilization of the body parts, can be ordered as accessories for CPC 8-Channel Multipurpose Coil. The NORAS Vacuum Immobilization Mats are easy to handle and, thanks to its chamber system, always ensure stable immobilization of the patient in the MRI unit. The mats are compatible with all magnetic resonance imaging units and do not cause any artefacts. Our mats are available in many different sizes.

The Vacuum Immobilization Mat is filled with a highquality micro-granulate which cannot slip and therefore also permits fixation in a vertical position. The form, which is simultaneously compact and comfortable, offers a very high lateral and longitudinal stability. The Vacuum Immobilization Mat can be used as a fixation support for the examination of feet, ankle, knee , wrist, elbow, head and small children. Just let us know!

NORAS knee and ankle joint positioning devices

Halterungen_CPC_445x241 Specially designed knee and ankle joint positioning devices can be developed per your request with short lead times. The coil is placed in the cavities and can be easily fitted to the joint. These positioning devices can also be developed with your assistance and conceptions. Just let us know.

Positioning devices