Breast Biopsy 6-Channel Coil Height-Adjustable

The Breast Biopsy 6-Channel Coil Height-Adjustable is a flexible system for breast biopsy, which can be individually arranged according to your needs.

Our newly developed patient rest frame allows height adjustment and therefore even a better access to the breast for lateral, medial or cranio-caudal biopsy.

The design allows the ideal positioning and fixation of every breast size.

The Breast Biopsy 6-Channel Coil Height-Adjustable provides an excellent imaging and supports you optimally during high-resolution detail examinations.

In combination with our flexible Variety 16-Channel Multipurpose Coil, you benefit from a 18-channel imaging for all breast and axial area.

The areas of application of the Breast Biopsy 6-Channel Coil Height-Adjustable include:

  • Diagnostic imaging of female breast
  • Tissue sample removal under MR imaging control
Breast Biopsy 6-Channel Coil Height-Adjustable 3T for Siemens Tim® Systems P/N: on request

The Breast Biopsy 6-Channel Coil Height-Adjustable is currently under deveopment and thus not commercially available yet. To obtain information about the present status of development, please send an e-mail to info@noras.de.

Advantages of the Breast Biopsy 6-Channel Coil Height-Adjustable

  • Breast biopsy solution for large and small breasts
  • Extended access for breast biopsy (laterally, medially and cranio-caudally) with the height adjustment of the patient rest frame and new insertion plates
  • Improved comfort on the laying rest for the patient
  • Better head fixation and relief of the patient’s neck and shoulder musculature
  • Lighting integrated in the patient rest (LED) simplify the biopsy for the examiner
  • Expandable to 18-channel diagnosis coil
  • Compatible with Variety 16-Channel Multipurpose Coil

Planned Technical Specifications

Field Strength:: 3T
Channels: 4, 6, 18 (with Variety 16-Channel Multipurpose Coil)
Weight: 12.8 kg
Shipping Weight: to be determined
Cable Length: to be determined
Size: ca. 80 cm x 46 cm x 20 cm
Scanner Compatibility: The Breast Biopsy 6-Channel Coil Height-Adjustable from NORAS MRI products is compatible to all Siemens Tim® Systems. Kindly contact us in case you have any questions regarding the compatibility of the NORAS Breast Biopsy 6-Channel Coil Height-Adjustable for your scanner.

Technical changes reserved.


The Breast Biopsy 6-Channel Coil Height Adjustable is a modular system and enabels so a adjustment of the setup in the field.

The Breast Biopsy Coil consists of a Patient Rest with Immobilization, Biopsy and Breast Coil System. Imaging is performed with a 6-Channel “phased array“ coil.
The single components can be removed step by step so that the breast coil can be used as 5, 4, 3 and 2 Channel breast coil.

Subsequently, selected components and optional accessoires will be briefly introduced.


Breast Coil System

The Lateral Coil (right or left)

The Lateral Coil can be mounted on the Cranio-caudal Fixation Unit CC-320H or the biopsy unit and enables a 6 Channel setup.

The Lateral Coil Frames provide a very good penetration and therefore supply an excellent displaying in all breast area.
Since the biopsy coil is attached directly to the biopsy unit, it is constantly of the breast during the fixation and is close to the anatomy.
So you can see the pointer much better!

Patient Pad Coil

Choose the ideal solution for every breast size! NORAS developed an additional „Patient Pad Coil“ with two smaller coils (15 cm in diameter) for very small breasts.
In preparation of the examination you choose either the „Patient Pad Coil” in standard size (18 cm) or the smaller version (15 cm).

The Patient Pad Coil also works as cushion for the patient.

Insertion Pad Coils

The Insertion Pad Coils enable the distale MRT imaging of the breast. Due to the positioning close to the breast you achieve an excellent image quality for the biopsy.

The Insertion Pad Coils can be used together with the Immobilization– and Biopsy System and are connected with the plug housing.

Variety 16-Channel Multipurpose Coil and the 18 Ch Diagnosis Solution Setup

For the optional 18 Ch Diagnosis Solution the Insertion Pad Coils and the lateral coils must be removed. After removing of these components it is possible to insert our Variety 16-Channel Multipurpose Coil with the Holder.

The special holder makes it possible, to fixate also small breasts.
The flexible Variety Coil, which adjusts to the form of the breast, allows an 18-channel imaging for all breast and axial area.


Immobilization- and Biopsy-System

Biopsy Unit

The optional Biopsy Unit permits MR guided breast biopsy (lateral, medial and cranio-caudal) and wire localization of lesions.

The Biopsy Unit can be used together with the Lateral Coil.

The following biopsy methods are available:

- Post & Pillar
- Grid

For further information please click here.

Cranio-caudal Fixation Unit

For diagnostic imaging with the Breast Biopsy 6-Channel Coil Height Adjustable, NORAS MRI products has developed a special fixation unit CC-320H to immobilize the breast.
With the Cranio-caudal Fixation Unit you can optionally immobilize one or both breasts at the same time. Using this device, one can save up to 50% of scanning time, while reducing non-desired motion artifacts. Very good image quality can be achieved using the Lateral Coils.

Cranio-caudal Fixation Unit CC-320-PLUS Art.Nr. 118341