Cranio-caudal Fixation Unit CC-320-PH

For diagnostic imaging with the Breast Biopsy Patient Rest BI 320-PA-PH, NORAS MRI products has developed a special fixation unit to immobilize the breast.

With the NORAS Craunio-caudal Fixation Unit CC-320-PH you can optionally immobilize one or both breasts at the same time. Using this device, one can save up to 50% of scanning time, while reducing non-desired motion artifacts.

Cranio-caudal Fixation Unit CC-320-PH for Breast Biopsy Patient Rest BI 320-PA-PH P/N: 111905

Advantages of the Cranio-caudal Fixation Unit CC-320-PH

  • Very comfortable patient positioning
  • Reduction of scanning time up to 50% for axial slices
  • Reduction of non-desired motion artifacts

Technical Specifications

Field Strength: all
Weight: ca. 2 kg
Shipping Weight: ca. 5 kg
Size: 53 cm x 39 cm x 15 cm
Approval: CE